Want To Sell Houses InĀ Seattle?

There are many reasons that someone might want to sell a property. Some people sell because they are downsizing after the kids have left home.

Some people sell because they are relocating for work, or because they are facing the threat of foreclosure.

In some cases, a person had tried being a landlord but decided that it just wasn’t worth the effort for the financial reward in the part of Seattle they had a property, so they want to dispose of that rental home.

Whatever the reason you are thinking of selling, we buy houses Seattle property owners want to dispose of quickly.

Sell for Cash, Fast

The traditional method of selling property is not very efficient.

Dealing with estate agents is slow and cumbersome, and leaves people waiting for long periods for a chain of home buyers to complete their own sales.

If one person’s mortgage falls through or a buyer backs out then this can be hugely disruptive for everyone else in the chain.

Rather than dealing with this risk, if you want a fast sale it makes sense to look at other options, such as selling your home for cash.

We buy houses Seattle homeowners are trying to sell, for cash.

We work quickly and once we have made an offer the process from you accepting the offer to the cash appearing in your bank account is far faster than the traditional estate agent process.

In many cases, we can complete the transfer of cash to your bank account by the next working day.

The paperwork is simple and the offer is transparent. All you have to do is let us view your property and then say yes or no.

Discrete and Simple

We understand that not everyone who is selling a home is moving for a joyful reason, and sometimes you don’t want to get phone calls or have neighbors asking what is going on.

We will complete the purchase of your property as quickly as possible, and will not put up For Sale signs, or advertise in your local newspaper.

If you call us to discuss selling your property we can give you an indicative offer over the phone.

This is a price that is based on the fair market rate for a property in your area, of that size.

Should you decide that this offer is in the right ballpark, then you can arrange for one of our team to come out and look at your property.

The team member will inspect the property, and then make a no-obligation offer based on the condition of the house as it is that day.

You are under no obligation to accept the offer. We buy houses Seattle homeowners are selling and we will consider any property, regardless of the size, area or condition.

Even if you think that the house needs some work is done on it we would still be happy to look at it for you.

When you work with us, you have just one home visit.

There is no need to worry about taking several days off work to show people around, or to have to give someone else keys for that reason.

You don’t have to worry about having a stream of people coming and going, and you aren’t faced with the impossible task of keeping your home ‘staged’ while still living in it.

We take the stress out of selling a property and let you focus on your next move, new job, or what you will do with the money once your home is sold.

We are here to help you and to make your life that little bit easier during what can be a challenging time for many families.

No Commission or Hidden Charges

We do not charge any commissions or have other hidden costs. We do not charge you for surveyors, or legal fees.

Any expenses are factored into the offer we make so that cash price is exactly what you will get put into your bank account.

You will need to sort out any taxes that are due yourself, but we are as transparent as we can be about the amount that we will pay to you.

The offer we make may be lower, on paper, than what you would get from an estate agent, but after you sell via an estate agent you will have to cover the other expenses, so it makes sense to do the math.

For transparency and a prompt sale, you get a clear amount of money, and you get it fast.

We deal with people from all over Seattle, and we are happy to look at any property. Our team of buyers is ready and waiting to consider your property.

Why not call us today to learn more about what we do, and to arrange a viewing?

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