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Selling your house can prove to be quite hectic. Not only do you not have the money to renovate it, but you also have to hire a realtor to help you sell the place.

This will end up costing you so much more because you will have to pay them a commission. You should not be distraught. We have a solution for you at our company.

We buy houses Northern Virginia and pay you immediately. Our company will ensure that you do not have to struggle with getting a buyer.

We will handle the whole process and leave you with a smile on your face, and cash in your pocket.

Here are the reasons we believe that you will benefit from selling your house to us.

we buy houses Northern in VirginiaWe Pay In Cash

All our purchases are done with cash. This is the best way to sell your house fast because you will not have to wait for money for months after the sale of the house.

You will get your cash once the deal is done. You only need to sign the contract stating that you have sold the house to our company and you can walk away with the cash.

What’s more, we will give you the money immediately after the purchase which means that if you had any other business that you wanted to do then you can achieve this goal.

We understand that you are probably selling the house due to lack of funds or an emergency.

This is why we will give you the cash immediately you sell the house. This is not something that selling the house through a realtor can guarantee.

No Stress For You

Selling your house yourself will mean doing plenty of research to see what the real estate market is like in Northern Virginia.

That will probably take time that you do not have. In addition to that, you may not know the right connections to get you the right buyers at the right price.

You could end up pricing the house too high which means that it will stay in the market for too long and you will get frustrated.

On the other hand, you may price it too low and feel that you have gotten the unfair end of the deal.

We understand how stressful this can be for a person that does not really understand the market.

This is why we buy houses Northern Virginia as they are and deal with all these issues. We know the market and have the experience to be able to sell it to the right buyers within a short amount of time.

No Extra Expenses For You.

You will not have to renovate the place. That means that you can save the money you would have used for renovations and use it for other purposes.

You can even invest it in a new place. We will buy your house in whatever condition it is in.

This included houses that are old, have pest infestations or even a house that was involved in a fire.

You never have to wonder where to look for funds to renovate or do repairs. We will purchase the house and you can use the money to get a new house.

No Complications

There are no complications involved in our process. All you need to do is fill in a form on our page and we will get in contact with you.

We will send a team to scout the property then make an offer. If you like the offer then we will give you a contract to sign and you will receive the payment.

Keep in mind that we will not force you to take an offer if you feel that it is too low.

No Commissions

Once you sell the house, there is no extra money that will be asked from you. We will give you the price that was negotiated during the offer, in full.

Our company does not take commissions. This is unlike a realtor where you will have to part with a part of the house price because you have to pay commissions.

We buy houses Northern Virginia at a fair price and you can always trust that you can trust our word.

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